Big Nothing Revisited (Biber Herrmann)  

Walking down the boulevard
Neon lights flicker like a cold lover’s heart
A million promises for sale at every corner
Tonight you’re like a spaceship stranded on a foreign star

Born into this crazy world
Like a shadow on a cosmic screen
Did you ever feel like something must be going on behind
Is there something going on behind the scene


Big Nothing
Big Nothing  

Did you ever feel the need to stand up
Scream out all of your forbidden pain
Felt that special chill crawling on your skin
When you’ve been carried by a mystic wind again

Must be something more than TV, cars and diamonds
Shining along the way
Did you ever wake up wanting to hide away
In the middle of a happy sunny day


Is there a password you can whisper
When you’re crossing that big river some day
Is there a crown you gonna wear
When the flood comes and daylight passes away

These day’s the gospel is money, fame and glory
Like it was made for turning water into wine
Will it take you to the bottom of the raging sea
Where the soul of man finally is going to shine